Webinar – Live Demo of the Inyova Dashboard | Inyova

Webinar – Live Demo of the Inyova Dashboard


October 8, 2020



Creating your impact investing strategy in 3 simple steps

Thursday, October 8, 6.00-6.30pm
Language: English
Hosted by Inyova’s Customer Success Manager Roman Burkard

In this webinar, you will get an overview of the Inyova dashboard and see how easy it is to set up your impact investing strategy; from selecting your impact topics to creating your risk profile and choosing the companies you love. 

Roman will take you through the process and answer all your questions along the way. 

If you want to create your strategy ahead of the webinar, here’s the link to get started (this takes less than 5 minutes and it’s free & non-binding). You can change your strategy at any time before you decide to start investing with Inyova.

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