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With Inyova, you can select from 24 different impact topics to create a personalised impact portfolio that is aligned with your values. We’ll do the hard work – making sure your portfolio is well diversified by having at least 30 - 40 companies as well as green bonds in your portfolio.

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More than your average 3a

Personalised Your investment is 100% personalised to what you value. You select the impact topics and can even add or remove individual stocks, if you like.
Transparent You always know where your money is invested and directly own shares. We’re always upfront about our all-inclusive fees so there are no bad surprises later on.
Impactful You directly own a piece of the companies in your portfolio, which means you have all the rights of a shareholder. So, you can vote at company’s Annual General Meetings and help shape the future of the companies you are invested in.
Tax-savings Like with any Pillar 3a, you can enjoy generous tax savings by investing up to CHF 6’883 if you are an employee and CHF 34’416 if you are self-employed.
Safe Your account is opened through Liberty Foundation 3a Retirement Savings. Liberty is a leading pension platform in Switzerland, managing CHF 3.4 billion in pension money for 30,000 people.

Annual fee


All transactions
Annual rebalancing
Financial reporting & tax statements
Swiss-based customer support
Strategy changes once per year
Your own pension foundation account Under special circumstances, e.g. early withdrawal, additional costs may be charged by our partner Liberty. Please find more information on our FAQ page.
Continuous risk management
Foreign transaction fees
Corporate Action Management We closely track and manage any corporate actions that affect companies our customers are invested in. We make sure that we react in the best interest of our customers and that all portfolios stay financially sound. Read more about corporate actions
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Reach for your financial goals – together

Reaching for goals together can make them easier (and more fun) to achieve. So, grab your friend, your partner or family member and set up your 3a together. If you refer a friend, you and your friend both receive 6 months free investing.*

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*This is how the referral program works: Once you have opened your account, you will receive a unique referral code. Share this code and when your friend has funded their account, 6 months free begins for both of you.