Legal notice

Legal notice

Regulatory status, competent authority and supervisory organisation

Inyova AG is an asset manager that practices asset management in compliance with the transitional provisions of the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA). Asset managers who have started their commercial activities before January 1st, 2020, must apply for a license with FINMA before the end of 2022.

Inyova AG is currently in the licensing process with FINMA. Once the license has been granted by FINMA, Inyova AG will be supervised by the OSFIN Organisation de surveillance financière (Florastrasse 44, 8008 Zurich).

Until the license is granted, Inyova AG is a member of the PolyReg self-regulatory organisation (Florastrasse 44, 8008 Zurich).

Ombudsman’s office

Inyova AG is a member of the VSV (Association of Swiss Asset Managers) and affiliated to the ombudsman’s office OFS Ombud Finanzen Schweiz via their partnership. This provides the opportunity to conduct out-of-court arbitration proceedings in the event of a dispute. Customers can contact the ombudsman’s office to resolve conflicts over legal claims. The Ombudsman treats all inquiries confidentially and will inform Inyova only with the consent of the customer.

Mediation request

Address (registered office):

OFS Ombud Finanzen Schweiz
Kochergasse 6
c/o Etude Peter von Ins
3011 Bern
Phone: +41 22 808 04 51
Email: [email protected]

Address (for postal deliveries):

OFS Ombud Finance Suisse
16 Boulevard des Tranchées
1206 Genève, Suisse

Engagement and Voting Policy

Inyova exercises shareholder rights for active ownership at companies in which shares are held by our customers. You can find more details in our Engagement and Voting policy.

Information about financial services and financial instruments

For explanations of the individual financial instruments and their operating principles, as well as the financial services, we would like to refer you to the Swiss Bankers Association’s brochure “Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments” of November 2019. This comprehensive document defines the financial services, the risks associated with different categories of financial instruments, their characteristics and operating principles, both product-specific and in general.

Product range

The product range of Inyova AG comprises only of financial instruments that are issued by third parties unassociated with Inyova AG. Inyova AG does not issue or offer any financial instruments of its own. Inyova AG may use different types of financial instruments to implement its investment strategies, including direct investments (stocks, bonds, money market instruments), collective capital investments (equity funds, ETFs), structured products and derivatives, as well as further appropriate financial instruments.

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