How Inyova invests with impact

How Inyova invests with impact

Your money can have a real impact. We will show you how.

Let your money be a part of the solution

We hate to break it to you: right now, your money is probably funding oil and even weapons companies. In fact, it’s likely that your pension, your investments, and even the spare money sitting in your bank account (which your bank is allowed to invest behind your back) all contribute to these industries.

Impact investing is about taking back control and putting your money where it creates positive social and environmental impact –  alongside financial returns.

Companies that are solving the big issues

Based on your criteria, we suggest high-impact companies that you can invest in. These companies are champions in at least one impact topic, and also meet our stringent financial criteria.You become a direct shareholder in these companies – there’s no fund or ETF standing between you and your investment.

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Beyond Meat Inc

On a mission to create “the future of protein”, Beyond Meat makes alternatives made from plant-based products.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

A renewable energy company focused on the design, manufacture, installation, and service of wind turbines.

Nibe Industrier AB

A Swedish company that develops eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions to heat, cool and ventilate all types of properties.

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Traceable sustainability impact

Here are 3 ways we fight greenwashing.

Science-based approach

The details of our approach are publicly available and written in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand – no PhD required.

Fully transparent

Your choices, our expertise. You see every company you invest in, so you know exactly what your money is supporting.

Continuous monitoring

We use a wide variety of data sources, to keep tabs on the sustainability performance of companies in your portfolio.

Inyova’s impact investing approach

Our science-based method means your investment has a traceable sustainability impact. And we’re constantly working on making it even bigger.

  • Active Ownership As a community, we use shareholder rights to push companies for change. We reach out to companies to address issues like a lack of climate strategy or diversity. For example, at Tesla, we voted to support shareholder resolutions at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Another example is BMW, where we made a board proposal and spoke at their AGM. Finally, we host shareholder engagement events, where our community of impact investors has the opportunity to share their opinion directly with company leaders.
  • Additional Capital Through green bonds, your investment diverts money into sustainability projects. This shift is urgently needed for a more sustainable economy.

Sustainability impact – alongside financial returns

In 2021, New York University’s Stern Centre for Sustainable Business confirmed once again that sustainable investing does not mean lower returns. You can read the research, which examined more that 1,000 studies on the subject, by clicking here.

Historically, a diversified stock market investment has generated an average annual return of 6% each year in the long-term. As the world moves towards more environmentally friendly practices and regulations, researchers point out that sustainable investments could be positioned for even better financial performance.

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