Inyova Invest: Your stock-market impact investing

Inyova Invest: Your stock-market impact investing

Impact investing into public stock markets. A diversified portfolio ensures great performance. Fully flexible funding and withdrawal.

You call the shots, we manage your portfolio

  • Returns through sustainability Invest in companies that are supporting the transition of our economy. We constantly monitor your portfolio to take action if needed.
  • Real-world impact Through active ownership and your investment in green bonds, we make sure your investment generates a real-world impact.
  • Fully diversified As your asset manager, we make sure your investment is fully diversified at all times. Lean back and watch your money grow.
Build your future wealth

The choice is yours: start with a single investment, set up a monthly deposit, or do both! Your strategy is invested once your account reaches CHF 2000, and it's designed to generate attractive returns in 5-10 years.

Single investment

Start with CHF 2,000 if you choose a single investment only.

Savings plan

Make an automatic monthly deposit from CHF 100. You can stop at any time.

Your investment over time

*Calculated on the basis of market data for the last 100 years. Past performance is no guarantee for future performance.


Potential return


Expected return


Potential loss

*Calculated on the basis of market data for the last 100 years. Past performance is no guarantee for future performance.

All Inclusive Fee
0.9 – 1.2% p.a

of your investment account balance. The more you save the less you pay.

  • Your own secure Swiss bank account
    There is no limit on how much you can invest or withdraw with your Inyova account (Inyova trades stocks and bonds daily). If you need to withdraw your investment, you can have your money back within a week. Unlike other providers, we charge no fees when you withdraw your investment.
  • Unlimited investments & withdrawals
    Unlike other providers, there are no fees or limits on adding or withdrawing money from your investment. If you need to withdraw, you can usually have your money within 7 days.
  • All transactions & currency exchange fees
    Everything is included in the annual fee you pay for your Inyova Invest account. There are no hidden fees – ever!
  • Annual strategy adjustment
    Want to change your impact topics, add or remove companies, or adjust your risk level? No problem!
  • Regular rebalancing
    Your portfolio is well diversified and designed to grow with the stock market in the long-term. We regularly rebalance your portfolio to maintain the optimal level of risk. This usually happens once per year, but it happens more regularly if there is an imbalance.
  • Local customer support
    Our friendly customer success team is here for you when you need it. We are a digital service with a human heart!
  • Financial reporting & tax statements
    We provide a yearly tax statement at the beginning of each year that you can attach to your tax report or submit using eTax. The value of your investment is updated in the app on a daily basis.
  • Continuous risk management
    To manage your risk, we implement modern portfolio theory and diversify your investment across at least 30 different stocks. To reduce your risk exposure, we spread your investment across different industries, countries, currencies, company sizes, and other dimensions. This way, your eggs aren’t all in the same basket if one company or industry does not perform.
  • Corporate Actions Management
    Corporate actions includes things like takeovers, bonus issues, rights issues, and consolidations at the companies you are invested in. We keep track of these and manage them on your behalf.
  • Dedicated impact team
    Inyova’s dedicated Impact Team are our in-house sustainability experts. They monitor the companies you invest in, and work with companies to improve their sustainability impact. The team also researches more companies to add to the Inyova universe.

What you’ll pay

0.9 – 1.2% p.a. depending on the total balance in your account

The best choice for sustainable investments

Comparing the annual fees on a CHF 10,000 investment

ETF Robo advisor
CHF 94 Selma Finance AG
Service fees: 0.68% p.a.
Financial instruments (ETFs): 0.22% p.a.
  • Impact Focus
  • Full transparency
  • Personalized portfolio
  • No experience required
  • Direct shareholdings
CHF 120
  • Impact focus All investments made with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact, alongside a financial return.
  • Full transparency
  • Personalized portfolio
  • No experience required
  • Direct shareholdings
Traditional bank
CHF 343 Raiffeisen Bank: Raiffeisen Futura Swiss Stock A
Service fees investing: 1.60%
Minimum deposit fees: CHF 12.50 / quarterly
TER (Raiffeisen Futura Swiss Stock A): 1.25% p.a
  • Impact focus
  • Full transparency
  • Personalized portfolio
  • Direct shareholdings
  • No experience required
Do-it-Yourself platform
CHF 630 Swissquote Bank Ltd
Minimum deposit fees: CHF 15 / quarterly
Tax certificate: 100 CHF
30 transactions (CHF) à 9.-= CHF 270
5 transactions (EUR) à 25.-= CHF 125
5 transactions (USD) à 15.-= CHF 75
  • Impact focus
  • Full transparency
  • Personalized portfolio
  • No experience required
  • Direct shareholdings
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