About Inyova

About Inyova

We are a team of changemakers. We’re on a mission to turn millions of people into impact investors.

We help you change the world through your investments

  • Our why
    We exist to turn millions of people into impact investors. To empower people to take active ownership of companies. To take back control and realign investments with what people and communities value.
  • Our vision
    A world where you have control of your investments. Where your money is solving the big issues, and companies are innovating for a better future. Where your voice is heard by company leaders, and your vote counts on strategic decisions. Where positive impact continues to exist alongside positive returns.
  • Our story
    Like you, we wanted our investments to promote clean energy and equal rights, not fuel climate change or the weapons industry. But there was no easy way to do this – that’s why we founded Inyova.
Leadership team. Guiding our team, and our community, on this journey
Dr. Tillmann Lang Co-founder – CEO
Erik Gloerfeld Co-founder – CPO
Angela Altvater CMO
Cristian von Angerer CIO
Helmut Fink Member of the board, Investment Office
Bringing together experts in sustainability, technology and finance
Meet the Impact Team
Andreas van
Andreas von Angerer Head of Impact

Impact Team

Maximising the positive impact of your investment.

Meet the Impact Team
Meet the Investment Office
Cristian von Angerer CIO

Investment Office

This team looks after your portfolio – including risk management, rebalancing, and more.

Meet the Investment Office
Meet the Compliance Team
Sabine Lang
Sabine Lang Compliance Officer, AML-Officer, Data Protection 

Compliance Team

Ensuring that we uphold all regulations and responsibilities as a regulated asset manager in Switzerland and the European Union.

Meet the Compliance Team
Meet the Customer Success Team
Manfred Buxbaum Head of Customer Success

Customer Success Team

Have a question or need help? Our Customer Success team will support you.

Meet the Customer Success Team
Meet the Product & Data Team
Malvina Pauchard
Malvina Pauchard Expert Product Owner

Product & Data Team

From crunching numbers to bringing new features to life, this team helps us stay focused on what our community needs.

Meet the Product & Data Team
Meet the People Team & Management Office
Jana Schneider
Jana Kroh Senior People Manager

People Team & Management Office

We’re a digital product with a human heart. This team keeps that in focus.

Meet the People Team & Management Office
Meet the Marketing Team
Angela Altvater CMO

Marketing Team

Spreading the word, to empower as many people as possible to become impact investors.

Meet the Marketing Team
Meet the Frontend Team
Mehmet Hazman Lead Frontend Engineer

Frontend Team

Providing you with a seamless experience on the Inyova app.

Meet the Frontend Team
Meet the Backend & DevOps Team
Sergi Armengol Head of Backend Engineering & DevOps

Backend & DevOps Team

Developing the technology and algorithms that are the foundation of Inyova.

Meet the Backend & DevOps Team
Supported by great minds

Meet the Advisory Board
Karina Storinggaard Inyova Yellow Initiator

Advisory Board

Strengthening Inyova’s decision making by providing diverse perspectives as well as critical thinking.

Meet the Advisory Board
Meet the Investment Committee
Katerina Kosmopoulou Member of Investment Committee

Investment Committee

Responsible for independently reviewing investment performance, and approving major changing to Inyova’s investment policies or universe.

Meet the Investment Committee
Meet the Impact Committee
Sabine Loetscher Independent expert in Responsible Business Conduct

Impact Committee

Responsible for reviewing Inyova’s impact methodology, as well as the latest developments in the field of impact finance.

Meet the Impact Committee
Our Culture

We are a diverse team, determined to change the world together.

We are change makers

We’re long-term thinkers with a strong vision for the future.

We make stuff happen

We are agile and focused. We embrace challenges.

We are teammates

We value each other – and we value ourselves.

Our team is as diverse as our community

We speak

19 languages

English German French Spanish Hungarian Turkish Moldovian Italian Slovak Portuguese Czech Romanian Irish Polish Lithuanian Russian Catalan Latvian Serbian

We come from

23 countries

Switzerland Germany France Austria Italy Catalunya Romania Venezuela Lithuania England Serbia Belgium USA Poland New Zealand Australia Turkey Slovakia Hungary Latvia Moldova Ireland Denmark

We’re a fully regulated asset manager

Inyova and its transaction bank are based in Zurich. Your account meets strict regulatory standards.

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