Financial parenting: A smart way to start

Financial parenting: A smart way to start

A webinar on teaching children the skills needed for their financial future

Monday, 14 December, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Hosted in English by Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey, finance professional and book author, and Inyova founder Dr. Tillmann Lang

Have you ever wondered how to approach the topic of finance and value for money when talking to your kids? What is the best age to start a conversation? Which words should we use to explain complex narratives? And how do we prepare our children for the financial future?

To answer all of these questions and to give you an idea of why it is so important to teach children about money, we are excited to partner with finance professional and children’s book author Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey. She will share insights and teachings that she has gathered during her two decades of experience in the financial industry, which eventually led her to write a series of books, directed at teaching young children to have a positive attitude towards money.

After the webinar, you will know:

  • Why an early start is so important when teaching kids about money, equality and sustainability 
  • Which money and sustainability messages to convey to your children
  • When to start introducing the topic of money to your child
  • How to best introduce pocket money
  • What are the most common mistakes when it comes to teaching kids about money and how to avoid them

You will also learn how you can invest sustainably for and with your children, in a simple and fun way. 

About Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey has been working in the financial industry for over two decades. Being constantly surrounded by this topic, she realised how daily money decisions are the most untapped source of positive social change and can act as a key enabler for economic gender equality. 

After discovering that money habits are largely shaped by the age of seven and that many girls already experience pocket money pay gaps by the age of ten, Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey wrote a series of books, with the intention of empowering young girls in particular. These books aim to teach girls and boys alike the basics of money and finance.


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