Honey, we need to talk about money!

Honey, we need to talk about money!

Ever felt money and love are incompatible partners? Maybe you’re tired of fighting about money with your loved one or are simply looking for the right structure to handle the finances in your relationship. Our Valentine’s special event will help you navigate the relationship between money and love.

For this event, we’re collaborating with finance expert, Olga Miler. She is the founder of SmartPurse, an independent money school, helping people meet their financial goals. It’s hard enough finding the right providers, savings plans and retirement goals without the added stress of tackling psychological hurdles individually and in our relationships.

Scientific research shows that ‘financial problems’ is cited as one of the top 10 reasons for divorce. And who can’t relate? Talking about money and its influence on your relationship is a tough conversation. The good news is, there are ways to handle these conversations!

In our event we’ll cover:

– The team can only be as good as the weakest player: How to self-evaluate
– How to set smart money goals together
– How to build joint assets
– How to structure periodic money discussions
– Why psychological wellbeing matters when managing money

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