Investment Workshop for Women

Investment Workshop for Women

Have you ever considered investing your money? Have you always wondered what stocks, bonds or mutual fund are? Have you wished someone would help you make sense of the investment lingo?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place! And you’re not alone, 80-90% of women feel the same.

But since money will always be a part of your life, it’s time you actually learn how to use it once and for all. And that’s the exact reason why Finelles, a financial learning community for women, created this workshop.

What the workshop covers:

✔️ What are financial markets?
✔️ Which investment types exists?
✔️ How do I identify the right investments?
✔️ Where can I invest my money?
✔️ How can I invest my money sustainability
✔️ How can I avoid investment mistakes?
✔️ Are there practical tips & tricks about investing?

And most importantly… we will experience how investing can be really fun!


09:00 Introduction

Part I: Cash Flow Game with Bianca Janina Kux (Ladies Cash Flow Club Zurich) – Live Investing Experience

Part II: Theoretical Input on how to invest and which investing possibilities are available with Caroline-L. Ulbrich & Clara Creitz (Finelles)

Part III: Practical example on how to set up and implement a sustainable investment strategy with Tillmann Lang (Co-Founder and CEO of Inyova) and Caroline-L. Ulbrich & Clara Creitz (Finelles)

16:00 End

Material, coffee breaks and a light lunch will be included.

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