Inyova owner through Crowdinvesting #OwnTheChange

Inyova owner through Crowdinvesting #OwnTheChange

Thank you Inyova community! Your enthusiasm has made it possible to bring Inyova crowdinvesting to life. You now have the opportunity to own a part of your favourite impact investing platform!

But you may be wondering:

  • What does crowdinvesting actually mean?
  • What happens with the collected money?
  • What opportunities and risks does this kind of investment entail?
  • What are the necessary steps to get involved?

We have prepared a short introduction to the topic, but will be focusing primarily on your questions in this interactive format.

This webinar will be held in German. The English language event will take place on 13.04.2022.

Inyova’s crowdinvesting is currently only available for residents of Switzerland.


  • Tillmann Lang (Inyova founder)
  • Nicole Walther (Customer Success)

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