Sustainable FinTech – what is it about?

Sustainable FinTech – what is it about?

Conscious FinTech #7: Sustainable FinTech – what is it about?

FinTechs are changing the way how banking and finance works today. They pressure traditional banks and offer smarter solutions for the customer. But besides customer experience and price – how innovative are innovators when it comes to responsibility, participation, transparency, fairness and trust? Are they able to bring change in the areas of the financial sector where mostly needed: its impact on society?

Conscious FinTech Berlin is a series of events that aims at opening up a general discussion about conscious, sustainable and impact-driven innovation in banking and finance. Partnered by Sustainable FinTech , Inyova – Impact Investing and Impact Hub Zürich, Conscious FinTech Berlin organises a meetup in Zurich to discuss the “sustainable fintech” ecosystem in a more international perspective.


Welcome & Intro Conscious FinTech Berlin – History, Roadmap & Principles // Sanika Nele Hufeland

Intro Sustainable FinTech – Policy change and prototype development – a two-sided approach // Anna Stünzi

Talk: Inyova – Impact Investing – Making impact investing mainstream – a practitioner’s view // Tillmann Lang

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Economist Sanika Nele Hufelandis Managing Director and Network Strategist at the Institute for Social Banking – a membership organisation for education, networking and research in the field of sustainable banking and finance. In addition to her passion to initiate change and innovation in the financial system and to accompany the social banking movement internationally, she is the initiator of the Conscious FinTech Meetups in Berlin and co-founder of an international women’s network in the alternative financial system.

Anna Stünzi is co-lead of the thematic group “Environment, Energy and Transportation” at foraus, the Swiss think tank on foreign politics and developed the project Sustainable Fintech. She studied psychology and economics and now pursues a Phd in Resource Economics at ETH Zurich. 5 years ago Anna Stünzi co-founded GOE Solar and now manages GOE mbH, a company developing renewable energy projects.

Dr. Tillmann Lang is the CEO and a co-founder of Yova AG, a digital wealth manager offering impact investing solutions to mainstream investors and consumers. Before founding Inyova, Tillmann was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company where he consulted leading global organizations on innovation, product development and corporate strategy. Tillmann served as CFO to Benefiit Impact Investing in Zurich and Singapore. Moreover, Tillmann was the founding director of the Sustainability-in-Business Lab at ETH Zurich which brings sustainability research into practice. Tillmann is a computer scientist and mathematician. He has published research in machine learning, optimization and sustainable management. Tillmann holds a PhD from ETH Zurich and a Diploma (M.Sc. equivalent) from Universität Heidelberg.



Making impact investing mainstream – a practitioner’s view

The Zurich tech startup Inyova makes “Impact Investing” possible for everyone. Investing with Inyova not only generates income from risk-diversified investments, but also invests exclusively in companies that correspond to your own values. Inyova investments are future-oriented – with the clear goal of improving the world instead of just minimizing its own footprint. In this way Inyova investors provide for their future – and at the same time make a contribution to the world in which they would like to live.

At the heart of Inyova is a completely digitalized impact investing approach. Through the Inyova platform, customers can create an individual Impact Investing investment completely online and with just a few clicks. The Inyova team consists of sustainability fighters, techies and investment experts. We want to make the financial system more humane. Our vision is a world where sustainability is mainstream.

In his presentation, Inyova founder and CEO Dr. Tillmann Lang reports on how technology and digital business models are driving sustainability in practice.

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