Women & Investing: How growing your wealth can help you grow too

Women & Investing: How growing your wealth can help you grow too

There are many reasons why women tend to have less money than men when they retire. To name a few: women live longer, retire earlier, often work part-time and earn less due to the gender pay gap. And on top of that, men are more likely to invest their money, allowing them to accumulate even more wealth in comparison to women.

Think that’s unfair? So do we. That’s why we want to empower women of all ages and walks of life and show them how investing is one of the best ways to ensure the potential to accumulate just as much wealth as men. And the feeling of self-worth that will sky-rocket as a result is just an added bonus.

In partnership with our very own Inyova community, we will demystify investing, educate you on the essentials of impact investing and empower you to take control of your finances.

This event on Zoom is perfect for anyone who would like to talk about money and investing with like-minded women in a relaxed setting.

Are you:

  • looking for tips on how to save money and what to do before you start investing? 
  • ready to invest, but want to know more about the basics? 
  • investing already, but want to find out more about impact investing?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then you are in the right place! 

Discover great topics and have your most pressing issues answered by women’s wealth coach Sophie Evans, Inyova Senior Investment Manager Susanne Schaller as well as Inyova Customer Success Manager Nicole Walther.

We look forward to exchanging with you!


About Sophie Evans

Sophie Evans is a UK qualified tax advisor who has worked with Big 4 firms in the UK and Switzerland, helping high net worth individuals with their tax planning. She also worked as a Manager at one of the international organisations based in Geneva.

For the last two years, Sophie has been working as a wealth coach to busy working mothers, helping them to optimise their savings, relieve financial stress and create a financially secure future for themselves and their families. In her private coaching practice, she works predominantly with fellow mums who, she believes, face more pronounced challenges when it comes to financial planning for the future, and because parents have a huge opportunity to influence their own children and to create lasting, generational change in their family’s finances. 

Sophie strongly believes that everyone has the capacity to build wealth – regardless of their income level – and that financial education & coaching is key to closing the gender wealth gap.

Sophie is also a freelance coach at Women In Negotiation.


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