Inyova CEO at TEDx FHNW

Inyova CEO at TEDx FHNW

We are excited to announce that our CEO and founder Dr. Tillmann Lang will be speaking at this year’s TEDxFHNW.

The theme of the event is “Breaking the rules: How today’s society is going against ancient rules embedded in our culture”. Other speakers include innovation coach James Taylor, athlete/designer Matthew Stenquist, and more.

Investing has long been thought of as something for the wealthy, something you put on hold and give little thought to. But what if you had the chance to contribute to changing this world for the better by investing? “How you can change the world by investing” is a TEDX Talk by Tillmann Lang, CEO and Co-founder of Inyova, that explains how simple changes in regard to investing can lead to a superior world and a sustainable future.

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