Crowdinvesting: it’s time to #OwnTheChange 

Crowdinvesting: it’s time to #OwnTheChange 

When we asked our community if they’d be interested in owning shares in Inyova, it was a resounding “Yes!” from more than 1,000 Inyova impact investors. That’s why we knew we couldn’t wait any longer; we needed to bring crowdinvesting to life!

Inyova is on a mission to turn millions of people into impact investors. We want to help create a safe and sustainable future for both our grandchildren and future generations and we know that many people want this, too.

Inyova stands for ‘Invest in your values’ and it was built because we want to make sustainable investing easy for everyone. We want investments to promote clean energy and equal rights, without fuelling climate change or the weapons industry. We want your investments to make a difference. 

This is about taking back control of capitalism and democratising finance. 

At Inyova, you can invest in the companies helping to solve some of the biggest issues of our time – without compromising your returns. You can have a traceable and positive impact on the world. 

And now it’s your chance to own a piece of the Inyova PIE! Click here for more information. 

So, what is crowdinvesting?

Crowdinvesting is an exciting way to invest in start-ups. It allows you to purchase shares in a start-up you really care about. 

Usually, investing in a start-up requires a lot of money. We’re talking about a six or seven-figure investment. This means that you need to be an incredibly wealthy angel investor or a venture capitalist to participate. 

Crowdinvesting is a way of investing that is accessible to everyone. It allows you to invest small amounts and be a part of an incredible opportunity to have real impact. It’s a great step towards democratising finance!

Why is Inyova doing crowdinvesting?

Introducing crowdinvesting allows many Inyova impact investors and others who truly care about our mission to become a shareholder in our company. We have always wanted to make Inyova more accessible and take more people on our journey because we know that maximising our impact means creating a growing movement. 

As over 1,000 Inyova impact investors said that they would be interested in owning a piece of Inyova, it was time to give back to our community.

Until now, Inyova has been funded by an amazing group of angel investors and family offices – but to be true to our values, everyone in our community needs to have the opportunity to become an owner in Inyova. 

We believe in the power of active ownership and want to make sure that Inyova is also owned by the people who care about our long-term success. 

Why our existing investors back us  

They believe in Inyova’s mission and that through finance and technology, we can create lasting change and combat the biggest social and environmental challenges of our time. 

“Inyova’s mission, to allow investors to invest whilst remaining true to their personal values, excited me. So, I became an investor in Inyova very early on. The opportunity for everyone to participate in Inyova’s success story is an important milestone.” – Myke Näf, Inyova investor

“I believe investors are one of the most important factors that encourage companies to rethink sustainable business practices.” – Isabelle Hirs, Inyova investor  

It’s time to take action – we want you!

Inyova is reinventing finance as we drive systematic change – in the direction that investment money flows and in the way investors engage with their companies. 

What am I buying? 

During this round of crowdinvesting, Inyova will issue Swiss common stocks. 

These common stocks represent a piece of ownership in our company, and this means that if Inyova’s worth increases, your stocks will increase in value, too.

How much can I invest?

The minimum investment amount will be 1 share, which is valued at CHF 235. The maximum amount you will be able to invest if you are a resident of Switzerland is CHF 50,000, which would be 227 shares. 

What are the benefits?

You will be able to benefit from the growth of Inyova – if we’re successful, so are you. 

What’s really special about the shares we are issuing is that they are common stock. That means that as an investor in Inyova, you will also have the right to participate through a proxy (a fancy word for intermediary) at our annual general meeting (AGM). You will have a vote and a voice in company decisions – an important part of being an impact investor! 

How can I make money from this investment?

If Inyova’s valuation increases, so will the value of your shares!

There are four potential scenarios where you can ‘exit’ from the investment and potentially make money:

  • Inyova becomes listed on a public stock exchange and you sell your stocks (like any other stocks from publicly traded companies).
  • Another company buys Inyova, and you get paid for your share of the company.
  • Inyova aims to make a platform available where its own shares can be bought and sold. This, however, would only happen after the end of the lockup period, which is currently planned to run until 31 December 2026. You will not be able to transfer or sell your shares before that.
  • Inyova reserves the right to buy back your shares at any time. In the event that we make use of this option, we will purchase the shares back based on the latest valuation of the company.

Please do keep in mind, though, that investments in start-ups are risky. Only invest funds that you do not need. 

What is Inyova doing with the additional money?

There are also some very cool features in the works at Inyova and we cannot wait to share them with you. Here are the game-changing features we’re working on:

In-app voting:

We already empower our impact investors to directly influence companies they invest in through our shareholder engagement events. Soon, this activism will be directly built into the Inyova app. This will enable you as impact investors to easily and digitally vote on major strategic decisions at companies you are invested in. 

This game-changing feature is at the forefront of impact investing. 

Our goal is to allow millions of people to vote in the annual general meetings (AGMs) of some of the largest and most influential companies around the world like Tesla, Siemens, ABB or Volkswagen! Imagine helping to influence decisions at some of the biggest companies in the world. 

Advanced reporting:

More powerful impact metrics

We know you care deeply about sustainability and we want to deliver even more transparency about how your investments are contributing to a greener future. To do this, we will take our impact reporting to the next level with powerful new data.

Greater transparency to understand drivers of returns: Stock-level reporting

You asked and we listened: We are bringing new reporting into the Inyova app, which will show the performance of individual companies. This will give you a highly detailed view of how your investment is developing.

Extended investment options:

As impact investors, you will soon be able to invest beyond publicly listed companies and green bonds. 

This may include new asset classes like private market investing, venture investing, project financing and peer-lending as well as direct investments in impact vehicles (imagine co-owning a hydro plant or a forest!). 

There’s only so much Inyova PIE*, so how do I get a slice? 

*Personalised impact engine: The Inyova technology that builds your portfolio

To make sure you get your piece of the PIE you need to pre-register. You can do this here

You must be registered in advance, as the process will work on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. 

The virtual doors will open on Wednesday 27 April at 7 am sharp. You will be able to start your Inyova crowdinvesting journey from our landing page

Who can participate? 

Almost anyone can participate!

As long as you are a resident of Switzerland and are at least 18 years of age, you can take part.  

For the full eligibility criteria please see our FAQs

Sounds great, let’s get started!

Remember, Inyova’s crowdinvesting will begin on Wednesday 27 April at 7 am. It will work on a first-come, first-serve basis. So run, don’t walk!

There is a limited number of shares up for grabs and we expect this to be snapped up fairly quickly. So, make sure you are pre-registered and add this very important date to your calendars. You can sign up to the Inyova crowdinvesting waitlist here

We cannot wait for you to be a part of the Inyova journey and look forward to seeing you (virtually) on Wednesday 27 April.

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