Inyova Crowdinvesting 2024: What you’ve made possible and what we aim to achieve together

Inyova Crowdinvesting 2024: What you’ve made possible and what we aim to achieve together

Have you ever wondered what we do with the money raised in the crowd investing. At Inyova, we happily share transparently, what we used it for. Since our last crowdinvesting round, we have made significant strides in revolutionising impact investing. Here’s an overview of what we have accomplished with the first round of crowdinvesting and our plans for the current round (details at the end of the article).

What has Inyova achieved since and with the last crowdinvesting round?

Here are five exemplary successes made posssible with the last investments:

  1. Doubled Revenue: Thanks to the engagement of our impact investors, we have doubled our revenue since the last crowdinvesting round. This shows a growing belief in impact investing.
  2. Real Changes Through Active Ownership: Our community’s support has enabled us to launch over 30 initiatives to make companies more sustainable. For example, we advanced the “Advertised Emissions” initiative at Publicis and successfully led the “#InsureOurFuture” campaign at Zurich Insurance through our impact team.
  3. Launch of Inyova Grow: Inyova Grow allows direct investment in green projects such as wind and solar parks, offering up to 5% annual returns.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: Our partnership with Migros Bank brings impact investing closer to 800,000 customers, significantly expanding our reach.
  5. Increased Efficiency: We have quadrupled our marketing-to-return ratio and reduced expenses, putting us on a solid path to profitability.

Strategic steps your investment in Inyova will enable

Now it’s your turn. Your investment in this crowdinvesting round will help us take the next big steps:

  1. Accelerate Growth: We aim to expand our hybrid sales model and bring in more partners to make impact investing a standard in the industry
  2. Scale Direct Financing: With the success of Inyova Grow, we plan to finance more projects and extend active ownership to 100% of our portfolio companies.
  3. Develop New Products: We plan to expand our offerings, such as introducing portability solutions and new asset classes, to provide you with more investment opportunities.
  4. App Enhancements: While our app is already popular, we have ambitious plans. From more precise impact reporting to easier participation in active ownership, we are constantly working to improve your experience.

Your investment enables us to continue driving positive change, offer attractive returns and for you to grow with us. Our success is your success.

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