New study shows: One in three Swiss women has never invested

New study shows: One in three Swiss women has never invested

Zurich, 26.02.2019. A recent study by the Zurich-based impact investing company Inyova shows that women do not feel sufficiently informed about the topic of investing, are scared of losing money, or feel that the topic is too complex. And this despite the fact that previous studies have shown that women are often better investors than men.

Women still find it difficult to invest. While 75% of all study participants have a savings account, 47% of participants have had little experience with investments so far. 42% have never invested at all. The main reasons given by respondents for this are not knowing where to start (36%), scared of losing money (33%) and 28% find the topic too complex and difficult.

Clara Creitz and Caroline-Lucie Ulbrich, founders of Finelles, a digital platform and learning community for women about finance, can relate: “Many women tell us that it feels like a mountain they want to climb without knowing where to start. We’ve found that women enjoy taking care of their finances and have fun investing, as soon as they understand the basics of investing.

Aysha van de Paer, founder of a women’s investment blog, has had similar experiences. However, she likes to point out that women don’t only enjoy investing, they also have a real talent for it. “Studies by Fidelity Investments (2017) and Warwick Business School (2018) have shown that women are better investors than men. Women tend to invest for the long term, much more so than men, and take less investment risk. All of this is consistent with the many messages I receive from the women who read my blog,” says van de Paer.

What female investors want

So what can motivate women to invest more or at all? 44% of all participants cite a low risk as the most important factor, followed by “I want to know exactly where my money goes” (36%). 66% of the study participants have already thought about the sustainability effect of financial investments.  34% state that it is important to them to invest in a particularly sustainable and socially responsible way.

Isabelle Hirs-Schaller, Senior Program Manager of the Rising Tide Foundation and Inyova Advisory Board Member, explains: “In my experience, women question the sustainability of their investments, possibly more than men. They want to know exactly where their money is invested. A lack of transparency discourages them”.

Investment workshop for women

Together with Finelles, a learning community for women who want to acquire financial knowledge and skills, Inyova would like to bring the topic of investment closer to women. Interested women who feel unsure about investing will learn how it works at the full day workshop in Zurich and will receive all further information on the subject of sustainable investment. A theory part and a practical phase are planned, which will also highlight the topic of sustainable and socially responsible investing. The workshop will be in English.

Workshop details

Where? WeSpace, Bahnhofstrasse 62, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
When? Saturday, 16 March 2019, 9am – 4pm
Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite

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