Tech tips: Massive ransomware increase

Tech tips: Massive ransomware increase

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Today’s topic: Massive ransomware increase

What the hack is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware (malicious software) whose goal is to get to your device and block it or block access to some data, threatening to release the sensitive data if you do not pay a fee (usually in cryptocurrency).

Why should I care?

Since the start of Covid-19, ransomware attacks have increased by more than 400%. And they are getting even more popular as they are easy to create and spread.

Recovery costs were reaching  USD 2 million per company in 2021. As a company, it’s likely we’re going to experience these attacks as well.

What should I do? 

Ransomware gets to your computer if you click a link in the email or download the attachment. The best way to protect yourself is not to open any links or any attachments that are coming from a non-trusting/unknown/suspicious sender.

Zero-click ransomware

If you “just” open the email, ransomware is not installed. That’s because today’s modern email clients (like Gmail) do not allow running scripts in an email directly.

However, sneaky cyber attacks exist. There is indeed a type of ransomware which looks for your system vulnerabilities and infects the environment even if you do not “click” anything. That’s where the name “zero-click” comes from.

You can protect yourself by keeping your system up-to-date, using a trusted antivirus system, not clicking on any unusual/suspicious messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…


That’s it! Keep your mechanics safe and thanks for reading.


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